When in Spain, the talk is always about “Vinos y Toros” i.e. Wine and Bulls.  On this occasion, the talk is still about Wine and the Bull, the only difference is with the Toro, not just any Toro but the very famous town of Toro in Zamora, Castilla y Leon.


Toro is a small town of 10,000 inhabitants located northwest of Madrid, not too far away from Leon and Sahagun along the famous Camino Frances.  The Town and its eroded and barren surrounding seemingly devastated by the forces of nature and also witnessed several important battles fought from the time of the Portuguese invasion, the Reconquest under Isabel La Catolica and final defeat and retreat of Napoleon from Spain during the Peninsula War.

Sitting on top of a fertile plain, the Town of Toro and it’s tierra_del_torosurrounding area was well known from the Romans time as a producer of very fine and robust wine.  The wine from Toro was the first to reach the New World being carried to the Americas by the Columbus Ship Pina.

Peregrinos passing through the La Meseta region after leaving Burgos will have a chance to ask for and taste this very special wine from Toro.  There are over fifty wineries not far from the Camino Franpergrino_wineces that one can visit and enjoy a glass of Toro together with the very distinctive regional cuisine.  Peregrinos from the Americas will have a chance to appreciate the Toro that discovered the Land that they are from and feel a sense of home coming to the Spanish Wine that discovered the Americas.  Buen Camino.

Materials gathered and translated by Zaida, Chief Camino coordinator.  Interpretation and edited by Joanta.