Eva López Nieto. Camino coordinater

Other than the Cathedral, the other must see in Santiago is the Market of Abastos located in the Old City.  Not just any market, the sight, the sound, the atmosphere of the many eateries and bars make the visit all the more rewarding especially after the long ordeal of completing the Camino.  The current Market was completed in 1941, it was rebuilt from the original market dating back to 1870.  It has always been the Place that the regional farmers, fish mongers, bakers and dairy farmers gather and exhibit their best produce, catch of the season, Galician bake goods, cheese and dairy products.  Over the years the Market has grown from being mainly a Farmers Market to become a good place for fine eateries especially for fresh catch of the Day seafood, farm raised meat, poultry and fine wine from the regions Pre roman wine producing wineries.  The distinctive feature of the Market is that you can select and purchase fresh seafood , meat or produce and take it to the many restaurants and bars on the premises or close by and they will prepare and cook it for you.  The Market is open Monday to Saturday from 0700 to 1500 hrs.  Thursdays and Saturdays are considered the best time to visit as those are the days that fresh deliveries are arriving and especially on Saturdays, the Market generally seemed livelier.

In the market you can find a wide gastronomic offer:


The Marisco Mania Bar


Here on the premises, They will be glad to cook your freshly purchased Seafood and Produce on the spot.



A Viñoteca do MercadoP1300042

The Market Wine Store features a very good selection of Galician Wine.  The opportunity to enjoy a glass of regional wine complimented with a slice of Galician Empanada (pie).  Only in Galicia


Minature Cuisine of Abastos 2.0

A Kitchen without a Fridge style small restaurant offers small delicacies prepared from fresh ingredients from the Market.



La Radio Pub

Cooked Pulpo (Octopus) served on a traditional wooden plate are available from the small stalls just outside the Market.

La Radio Pub just across the street from the Market welcome your visit and enjoy a vermouth or cocktail with you freshly cooked Pulpo.