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Two different routes start in Triacastela and both of them go to Sarria.

The most popular one goes to San Xil, but there is a less popular route that goes through the Samos monastery.


Modern pilgrims at the Peregrino monument

This route starts at the old pilgrim hospital in Triacastela. You have to take the main route and pass by the kids park. You will see the Camino sign to San Xil on your right hand and if you go down the hill you will find the yellow arrow sign pointing to Samos. Take that way.

On your left hand , you will pass by the Triacastella town hall ,”Casa del Concello” and the pilgrim monument, going down until reach a small bridge in the Oribo river.

This alternative route shows beautiful sceneries and some great examples of Galician architecture.

Lastres_Lugo by Carlos Sieiro

Traditional Lastres street by Carlos Sieiro

Continue along the road and you will reach San Cristobo del Real. Just at the entrance of the tiny town, go down the road and follow the yellow arrows along the river walk. Keep walking and go through the small towns of Renche, Lastres, Freituxe and San Martiño. After that, you will find some hilly and challenging parts before to arrive to the Samos Monastery. Famous building in the region because of being one of the oldest monasteries in the world, founded in the sixth century.

The Abbey of Samos is a mandatory visit and all pilgrims should spend there more than 2 hours: Visiting the Cypress chapel, walking around the courtyard, and chatting with the Benedictine’s monks that take care of the monastery.

You can spend the night in the pilgrim hostel at the monastery or book a room in one of the rustic accommodations in the city, room with monastery view. If you decide to keep walking another 11 km to Sarria, take the Sarria road until Teiguin, the river is in your left hand.


Samos view

You will reach Pascais and them, Gorolfe and Sivil. You will have to cross several bridges and your walk will be close to the river channels. 4 km before Sarria, cross the town of Guiada and keep going to the main road that joins the San Xil way . Pleasant walk through the woodland for less than one hour until the small city of Sarria.

Sarria is most important city in the French way, after Santiago.