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Those culinary pilgrims should not leave Astorga without trying the specialty dish of the area, the Cocido maragato. Do however, bear in mind that this rich and robust dish is best eaten at the end of the days walk. This famed stew can be enjoyed in almost all of the restaurants in Astorga. Imagen-288

There are some restaurants that even cater exclusively for this dish. The majority offer a good, well thought out pilgrim menu and at a good price. Mantecadas (small sponge cakes) are another of the most famous local delicacies, although the town is also famous for its homemade pastries. In addition, the area has an abundance of fish, which is not very surprising given that Astorga was a stopping place for merchants transporting fish from the ports of Galicia to Madrid. Other gastronomic specialties include Garlic Eels, cured beef and a variety of meat from the mountains of Teleno.

  • Info by La Voz de Galicia Newspaper