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One of the most popular street parties of Spain has started yesterday, Sunday July 6th at noon time. Hundreds of people got together at the Town hall square waiting for the CHUPINAZO, the beginning of the festival. The first run was today, July 7th and it is going to be a bull run every day at 8 in the morning. You can watch the streaming on this link.

The Chupinazo event

The Chupinazo event

Being a red and white pilgrim

Our pilgrim friend is lucky, she is starting the Camino from Pamplona these days. She wanted to experience the Spanish festivity and start the challenge of the St James way from Pamplona, all the way until Santiago.
She was looking for an easy Camino start and the opportunity to taste the real Spain.Procesi+¦n de San Ferm+¡n 20714
Before the run begins, it is the quietest moment of the day.

It is feels the adrenalin, the tension… This picture below, appears this morning on the news. It was taken a couple of minutes before the first bull running of 2014. We are glad to know that it was a run without serious injured.

.2Primer encierro de San Ferm+¡n. EFE.
San Fermin is an event for everybody with over 1 million visitors per year.
Concerts, dances, fireworks and parades are some of the 443 events scheduled for the 2014 festival.
During the day families and kids enjoy the traditional funny parades. During the night, the loud music and the red wine are the kings of the party.

Pamplona is a very cultural city during the rest of the year too. The famous Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Miller Hemingway visited the city several time and he had his favorite spots in the town. Discover more about it ….
You should go to Pamplona and discovering your favourite places too.

Buen Camino Peregrina!!

Check-out the CBC website and Globalnews for more San Fermin pictures.

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