Tafalla town. The previous stop before her Camino

Our latest peregrina JM has arrived in Tafalla just outside of Pamplona to start her long planned Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to Santiago and Finisterre.  Her arrival coincided with the Parade for the start of the San Fermin Festival.  The whole region( a radius of 20km from Pamplona) is sold out with revelers arriving from all over the World.  We were able to secure affordable and comfortable accommodation in Tafalla for Peregrina JM and early tomorrow morning, she was in Pamplona for the countdown “ Uno, Dios, Tres “ with the firing of the chupinazo, she will be off for the experience of her life time.a_san_fermin_pedimos_mikel_lasa

For a number of years now, a number of our customers (male and female) are faithfully returning to Pamplona every year to relive the craziness and the celebration of that “Only in Spain” experience over and over again.

san fermincanuck

One of our clients 2 years ago in San Fermines.

Only in Spain and Only along the Camino de Santiago

Viva San Fermin, Nunca dejes tu animo rendirse, Buen Camino Peregrino.

Long Live San Fermin and never let go the Spirit, Have a great Camino).