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We have some recommendations to spend an amazing time during the San Fermines Festival:

The traditional clothes at the time in Pamplona is wearing white shirt and white pants with a red belt and red neckerchief.1

Have new outfit everyday.Spain is well known of passion and the intense life night . At the end of the party, your clothes will have a brown and red wine colour.

Procesión San Fermín 2 (1)


Don’t bring new clothes! Maybe you are not going be able to use this clothes again.

Refreshing time. Don’t be disappointed if some one drop off a bucket of water thought the window and you are below. It is not a personal offense. They are helping the community. July is a very hot month in Spain.

We are in Spain and having a good meal in essential. The traditional lunch in San Fermines is magras con tomate. Meat, egg, potato and tomato sauce dish with a chorizo meat.



You have to be ready to sing the San Femin songs. Check out the video below….

Uno de Enero, dos de Febrero… 


And remember…. We want you for San Fermin 2015

Viva San Fermin,!!! Viva!!