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Cantrojeriz is an important ancient Jacobean milestone. At the time of the king Alfonso VII, it was a strategic point and 7 pilgrim hospitals were running at that time. One of them, was the monastery of San Anton, located few km away from Castrojeriz. At the monastery, they practiced a cure called ‘evil fire or fire of Saint Anthony “, to counteract a widespread disease common in the middle Ages caused from eating cereal with ergot, a fungus developed in the Rye.


Nowadays are the ruins of the San Anton, a great architecture surprise along the way. The Camino of Santiago passes under the two beautiful arches of the old Gothic temple. Pilgrims can still see, on the right, two food stores in the porch where the monks left food for pilgrims passing through the enclave at unusual hours. Since the summer of 2002, this ancient pilgrim hospital has been converted into a private refuge, one of the most charming on the French Camino.


In Castrojeriz center, spend your time at the Church of San Juan too. Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón, the architect of the cathedrals of Salamanca, Segovia and Plasencia, built this church in its entirety in the German Gothic style.


SanjuanPeregrinosCastrojeriz1-772x1030As a separate visit, and elevated above the enclave, is the Castle. Almost hidden there is a square tower situated on the restored Roman foundations, the Visigoth, during which time the castle was expanded and the medieval part at of the XIV century. Access is good but those who wanting to visit should know that it takes an estimated 20 minutes to arrive.

Save energy and mental power because just outside Catrojerinz, on the way to Boadilla del Campo, you will face up one of the highest points of the Meseta. It is called alto the Mostelares.





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