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The door of Galicia
O Cebreiro is situated at 1,300 meters in altitude and in exceptional surroundings. When you leave the region of Castilla y Leon, O Cebreiro welcomes you to Galicia, the Spanish Greenland.

26227Life in O Cebreiro revolves mainly around the pilgrim route, for this reason, both in high and low season, pilgrims will have no problem in finding food supplies in this place. They can enjoy gastronomy at:

Mesón O Tear-1 Fork – Where you can have breakfast from 6:00 am and take advantage of its pilgrim menu.

Taberna O Moreno – 1 Fork

San Giraldo de Aurillac Restaurant – 2 Forks – Cocido Completo (garbanzo bean stew) plus drink and desert for 15 euros. Very famous for their clam with sauce, homemade recipe.

Casa Carolo- 1 Fork

Casa Carolo
The most famous product is the Queso de O Cebreiro, soft cow cheese with a sour flavor. This cheese wasn’t missing at the table of the Catholic Kings, Isabel and Fernando.

At the eighteenth century, according to chronicles of the time, it was the most expensive cheese in Europe. The pilgrims and the Camino were doing all the marketing.

For those wanting to buy some pastries, on the same road that passes through the village, the Bakery O Seixo also serves homemade bread and other delicacies. The Galician bread has hard crust and a hard center as well.

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